Flow DJ’s

Flow originally started in 1997 by Rick Gmitro when he performed as a DJ for the first time at a high school dance. Ever since, Flow became a musical side passion that explored mixing new music with the most advanced disc jockey software. In the years following Rick took over managing a local DJ company and helped create them to become the most award winning DJ company in Minnesota.

Flow DJ’s officially branched out in 2008 with the mission to create an elite DJ experience that employed only the best and most experienced DJ’s. Flow now implements the highest level of technology and parallels that with the most skilled DJ’s. They have had unprecedented success. Flow’s state-of-the-art online event planner lets clients browse over 15,000 songs and customize every aspect of their special night. Flow is the one service clients can be perfectly comfortable with from your first appointment with your DJ to your final dance. Flow provides the most complete DJ experience.

Photo + Video

I have been an avid movie maker since I was young.  It started in a 5th grade extracurricular class with a recycling video campaign.  I wish I could find that video to this day!  It carried on to high school where I was voted “Most Likely to Win an Academy Award” (Allen, Soderberg, Van Sant, Fincher, Crowe… I’m coming after you some day) a passion that is still on the long term dream plan.  In college, photography was added to the list of interests with photojournalism classes to compliment my broadcast journalism degree.  Today, our clients are as varied and unique as I am, with Best Buy and Regis as our photography corporate clients, and commissions from the University of St. Thomas and several other campuses around the country for producing health education videos about body image, anorexia, campus life, date rape prevention and sustainable living.  We also love to be a part of a big handful of weddings, engagements, senior and family pictures each year.

Flow Event Group

As a long term DJ and party planning extraordinaire - I realized the person in charge of the music (and maybe the drinks) is really in charge of the party… And that’s where Flow Event Group began!  We aren’t your every day chicken dinner!  Since we also care about sustainable living with all our friends and clients we pride ourselves on making tight budgets stretch to exceptional lengths.  It’s magical how we pull it off!  I have been in the event industry for a long time and have worked with the best in the business from Minneapolis to London to Amsterdam to Spain to New York City to Hawaii and then to Summit County in Colorado.  I have spent more than a month at a time in all of these places and each of their influences have shaped me.  I think if someone is going to throw a party with a significant investment involved then that party should be representative of everything that they are.  Our current event landscape doesn’t help you in this pursuit at all.  The event world has been throwing party after party that looks just like the other one.  Flow Event Group challenges you to be creative.  If you desire to create something unique and spectacular, something that speaks to everything that you are… Then talk with us and we will help you deliver the dream to your guests.